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Bella is the 21 year old creator of our unique and light-hearted whimsical style.
She is the illustrator in this mom and daughter team.

Being the product of a homeschooling family, entrepreneurial originality is highly valued and it is out of this that our business was born.

She juggles her devotion to becoming a modern dancing teacher, ballet, acrobatics and illustration.

When she’s not designing or dancing, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends in our beautiful South Africa!

Her favourite place would definitely be on the beach soaking up the sun and practicing fun acrobatic tricks with her two younger sisters.


She has many titles, but let’s start with the basics. Lorna is an international selling wildlife, watercolor artist from White River, South Africa. She is also a passionate homeschooling mama to her 2 younger children and the other half of this creative team at Lola Graphic Images along with her eldest daughter – Bella.

With her professional skill and passion for watercolors, Lorna brings a unique dimension into the clip art industry with high quality painting without compromise.

With maturity and a love for people, also comes experience in great customer service – a genuine interest in our customer’s concerns and needs.

Apart from all things creative and her children, Lorna loves her husband, speding time with family and friends, music and keeping her family healthy.

Lorna is the creator of the more realistic elements in our store – including the floral elements and vintage trucks which are all exclusively drawn and painted by her.

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