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Which of these resonate with you? Many of us tend to hoard one thing or the other, but it’s what we do with those items that makes the difference.

When Lolagraphics started out, we were leeks in the field of PNG’s or computer programs. We had to teach ourselves, and in hindsight – this was a good thing. It kept us from following a trend, and pressed an original idea, (being forced to sink or swim also makes for quite the learning experience, and today we’re pretty sure that what we’ve learned, cannot be unlearned).


Nike said: ‘Just do it’ – and this is the message we want to convey to you – Just do it! Being a collector or hoarder, means that you already have the most important contributor to a new business venture! You have stock! You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Original concepts feed a side hustle. And while our clipart is no longer a side hustle, the same could be said for many successful businesses out there – it’s about passion.

If you have passion for your ‘stock’, then you are halfway to the finish line. The most important factor to your business is uniqueness. Each and every one of you are unique in your own way – and that translates to unique ideas, hidden inside of you. Talents you may not have taken note of, or don’t yet know exist – it’s time to unearth those talents, dreams, hopes and business ventures.

Don’t follow the crowd, bring our own concepts, and start putting your valuable clipart to use by doing something unique and special. It can only serve you well.

Lolagraphics wants its clients to succeed in whichever venture they take on. Don’t be afraid to ask us questions or engage with us, we are passionate about our clients, as much as we are about our clipart and we want to hear from you!

In conclusion – ignore magazines and online trends, but rather take a walk through your home and imagine where your beautiful, hidden clipart could make a difference – that is where uniqueness lay.

Your creativity and imaginative concepts are the door behind which your success awaits you!

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