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Frequeltly Asked Questions

Do you do custom orders?

No, unfortunately, as from June 2020 we no longer accept custom orders.

Am I allowed to change your graphics (recolor or crop)?

No, please do not recolor our images or crop out parts thereof TO FORM A NEW IMAGE (i.e. removing wings from a fairy to create a baby instead. You may however add wings to one of our wingless characters as you are not cropping the character into something new).

You may crop out parts to enable it to work together with the other graphics in our shop (e.g. cropping out parts of a hat to make it fit onto a character etc. If you are unsure, please send us a message).

We offer recoloring services at $6 per color change so please contact us directly to book that after purchasing our sets and we will help you as soon as possible.

How does your commercial license work?

On a normal clip art set that you would purchase through the shop, you have up to 100 usages of those images but thereafter, a commercial license must be purchased extra as 1 PER CLIP ART SET.

You may then use the images in that set 500 times commercially. If you need to use them more than that, then simply purchase more commercial licenses. On the checkout you must specify for which clip art set the commercial license is to be used.

BUT on any of the single item sets like the vintage cars, you can purchase 1 commercial license and it will cover 4 of those listings.

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