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Lolagraphics Creative Ideas And Designs

Let your creative mind take a walk through the endless possibilities of clipart.

At Lolagraphics we want our cherished customers to be as successful as they can be. With that in mind we decided to share some innovative and creative ideas with you. Break away form what you’ve always done and start something new, something fresh and something different. Revenue will follow when you think out of the box!

We’ve zoomed in on a couple of ideas that are both lucrative and very original, so that you can let your mind go and start earning.

In the world of fabrics, clipart has never been as widely used as it is now. Two fabulous examples of innovative creations are printed cloth nappies and maternity consumables and fabric prints.

Our friends at Harvey Jacobs Fabrics have taken to printing Lolagraphics designs on fabric and selling it on their online store, internationally. Take a look at their amazing ideas and imaginative products on Instagram

illustrations for lolagraphics blog 5 1

Mum 2 Bum By Mel  took to printing designs on nappies and maternity wear, including cloth nappies, breast-pads, and many more beautiful ideas. Turning the ordinary into extraordinary items. Take a look at their designs and tell us, is this not impressive stuff!?

illustrations for lolagraphics blog 4 1

Another very highly sought after product is digital invitations and cards, Pink Bay Designs have gone viral with their crafty and unique invitation makers and have enjoyed more than 6800 sales on Etsy. Understand that these products hold fantastic earning potential, because reselling digitally, is permitted. The overheads on creating digital invitations and cards is so low, because no physical materials are required, leaving the creator with a hefty profit margin!

illustrations for lolagraphics blog 3

Friends, this is a shelf. Farblecks Designs, places Lolagraphics clipart behind children’s shelves to enhance it’s aestheetic appearance and create interest.  It’s also a wonderful decorative tool in children’s rooms. The creativity behind this is incredible!

illustrations for lolagraphics blog 2 1

Understanding how important and difficult it could be to keep young minds active and creative, The Story Board Packs by Life Abundantly is an absolute showpiece and demands attention and the acknowledgement that it so deserves.

Creating beautiful storyboards for pre-schoolers and home-schoolers inspires mothers across the globe to indulge in creations of their own, in order to stimulate and teach young minds. A picture is worth a thousand words, and our friends at Life Abundantly tells the story in ways more awesome than we hoped for!

We’re so proud of these soul invigorating, creative designs and we hope it inspires our readers and clients to start amazing journeys of their own.

As a business we want to grow, and we want that for our client’s businesses too. Grab a pen and paper and start jotting down your ideas, we can’t wait for your innovative, concepts to bloom into beautiful pieces of art!

illustrations for lolagraphics blog 1 1

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