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EXCLUSIVE Kitty Shenanigan Clipart | Digital Clipart | One set only available


Out of stock


terms and conditions

these 3 kitty shenanigans images will be sold only to one customer who will be allowed to:

  • use for unlimited commercial use
  • sell unlimited amount of digital or physical product with these graphics for as long as possible
  • add props like a christmas or party hat etc.

what will not be allowed:

  • claiming the clipart as your own – we will forever hold the copyright to these images
  • recoloring of the graphics – please inquire for recolor services
  • crop off parts of the image to alter it’s nature – e.g. changing it into another kind of creature

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This gorgeous mockup is from: <a href=””>Designed by Freepik</a>

Thank you,

Lorna and Bella Pauls


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