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The History of Clipart

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The History of Clipart

Believe it or not, Clipart goes as far back as the early 1980’s when the first desktop was brought in. In 1983 (a whopping 38 years ago), IBM PC introduced the earliest professionally drawn clipart by VCN ExecuVision. These images were used in presentations and newsletters, and as basic as they were, they were magnificent and well loved.

Lolagraphics creates extraordinary, hand painted designs,  but this wasn’t always the case – in fact, the first clipart designs in history, were simple diagonal and vertical lines. As times changed and innovation took hold, so did the creativity that went along with how we see clipart today.


Sadly, Clipart is no longer supported on your PC as part of the Office program. In fact, you will likely always be reverted to an online Clipart shop, or free vector site if you punched it into the search bar, simply because of how popular it is, and how easy it is to obtain, whether you are paying for clipart or not. (and if you’re not paying for your clipart, rest assured that someone is – most likely the company running ads on the side panel of the free online clipart site).


People across the globe use clipart for both personal and professional reasons and as soon as the versatility of it became known, so did the use thereof.


Thinking about food clipart, wedding clipart  and Christmas clipart, these images can be seasonal, designed to suit each and every period of your life, whichever event you have or goal you’ve reached. Don’t necessarily think simple birthday cards… no! use clipart in banners, advertisements, on websites, mugs, carpets, windows and cushions!


Possibilities are endless, and creativity is simply the push of a button away!

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