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Hello fellow creators! This week we’ve got some exciting news!


Lola Graphics is running a small competition with an exciting prize, for more details – keep reading for little hints here and there!


In order to make life a little easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answers, as some questions are asked more commonly than others.

Here are five of the most frequently asked questions:

Additional Picture 004

Q: Which license is required to print Lolagraphics’ clipart or seamless patterns on fabric?

A: Every clipart set has a small commercial license. For fabric, the size is 10 meters/yards of fabric. An additional license can be purchased, which would grant you an additional 50 meters/yards, which would grant you an additional 50 meters/yards. If you need more fabric, an extended license can be added.

Q: Can I sell designs, using Lolagraphics clipart in digital format?

A: Digital resale of birthday invitations and teacher worksheets is allowed, but your customers are not permitted commercial usage. In other words, your digital designs, created with Lolagraphics clipart, may not be sold digitally to commercial users to redistribute on a large scale on their items. Designs will be flattened and sold in a resolution no higher than 72dpi to prevent extraction. If you’re unsure, please feel free to send us a message with the exact details of your question. (#hint 1 – you’re also asked to send us a message if you want to enter the competition)

Q: Could Lolagraphics’ clipart be printed onto various items to sell?

A: Yes! Our graphics can be used on any items of your choice, including a physical sublimation transfer on vinyl or paper.)The license that comes with the clipart allows you 100 end product uses, after which you can add an extended commercial license if needed. The extended license will allow you 500 more uses for the end product. (#hint 2 – the competition wants you to be as creative as possible when it comes this these creations

Q: What are the limitations on commercial licenses for mini-sets and singles?

A: In order to avoid confusion, we did not want an additional license for mini-sets and singles. A commercial license will cover four items. Thus, one mini-set could contain only two items, whereas another, may contain only one. Your commercial license will cover four images. This means that if you purchase a commercial license, you will have access to a mini-set with four items, but if the mini-set that you’ve chosen only has two items in it, you will need another mini-set with two more pictures, or perhaps two more mini-sets with one picture each. The end result will be four items.

You can relay those items in the comments, so that we know which four items you are purchasing a commercial license for.

Q: Does Lolagraphics provide any custom work?

A: No, unfortunately Lolagraphics has ceased creating exclusive clipart, but we do offer two other services that are customised.

  • Lolagraphics will customise the colors of your purchased clipart, if you require it.
  • Lolagraphics can create seamless patterns from your purchased clipart set, this naturally, will also be on request.
  • (#Hint 3 – seamless patterns have endless uses, it could help you win a gift in the competition)


That’s it, if you do have any more questions, please feel free to ask, it’s just one click away!

comp picture 002

Now – for your competition giveaway – all you have to do is send us a picture of your most imaginative creation, using Lolagraphics’ clipart to:

The Prize?

A clipart set of your choice from our shop!

The winner will be announced in our next blog on 15 November 2020, so get your creative juices flowing and surprize us with something amazing!

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